Windsor Bathroom Amsterdam

Working Method

Working Method

Nice to meet

Are you interested in setting up the interior of your bathroom, toilet or kitchen by Windsor Bathroom Amsterdam? Then we very much would like to know you better and discuss your wishes, preferences and expectations. And what Windsor Bathroom Amsterdam can offer you? If you wish we will develop a strategy in which you can choose your personal requirements.

This strategy includes:

• A non-committing, 1.5 hour advice appointment
• Styling assignments
• Design assignments
• An estimate for chosen materials

Philosophy & Mission

We approach each project in our own unique way and deliver custom-made products. Exciting contrasts and unexpected combinations create a playful and vibrant effect. Our main values are timelessness, symmetry, comfort and modest luxury. Together we can create surprising and unique interiors which fit your personality and fulfill your wishes. We aim to surprise and inspire you over and over again. We accomplish this by listening carefully to your dreams and requirements so that we can create the special interior that fits your home and your personality. We operate and create, based on the budget set by you and advise your contractors and plumbers where necessary to help the project run smoothly.

The Design

As soon as we come to an agreement, we will start off in concrete terms. Depending on the assignment, we start by visiting the projectsite / location as soon as possible. Afterwards we co- create the design.

This design includes:

• Creative proposal
• Detailed bathroom, toilet, kitchen or interior design
• Color and material palette
• Product proposal
• Technical drawings including 3D and if necessary, construction drawings


When the design is final and the implementation phase starts, we obviously take care of the production, planning and installation of the necessary (custom) furniture, lighting, tiles, sanitary items, accessories etc. In addition, Windsor Bathroom Amsterdam co-operate with a professional network of specialists in bathrooms, kitchens, floor and wall finishing.


In an open-ended meeting, you can tell your wishes and requirements. Is it a business or a private space? What is the function of space? How many rooms are there? What expectations do you have about the design? And of the final realization? Based on this conversation, we can make an estimate of the necessary work and an estimate of the costs.


Do you want to know if Windsor Bathroom Amsterdam can do something for you?

Call +31(0)20 341 54 19 or
E-mail [email protected]

to make a non-disclosure meeting. Do you want to see more of what we do? Then look at our portfolio for an impression.